For all its reputation as one of the greatest modern nations in the world, the United States has some unique--and ridiculous--problems. One of those problems is illegal immigration and a broken immigration system that allows people to simply flood the border and gain admittance into the U.S.

As part of an investigation into why the United States seems to have such a hard time keeping track of people entering and exiting the country, members of the Senate Homeland Security Committee heard testimonies about foreign visa overstays and abuse. And the answers were disturbing.

Each year over 520,000 visitors to the United States overstay their temporary visas, a staggering number. But what's more staggering is the news that members of the Obama administration haven't been doing anything to understand or stop this egregious error.

David Donahue, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Consular Affairs at the State Department and one of the administration employees questioned by the Senate committee admitted that the State Department doesn't even bother to track and monitor which visas are the ones being abused.

"I'm not sure I've seen a figure on any particular area. I really don't know," Donahue told committee members who asked him which visas were the troublesome ones.

But the fact that the government doesn't know anything about the problem is only one facet of this troubling issue.

During questioning members of the State Department freely admitted that the federal government had attempted to create a simple system that logged when visas came into the country and when they should leave. However, due to the level of bureaucracy and mismanagement that occurs in Washington even that "simple system" never got off the ground.

Would you agree with me (that) in the private secctor, this would almost be like falling off a log -- to develop a database like this?" asked one of the senators on the committee?

"Yes," replied the Obama administration employees.

And some people want to give the government even more control over our lives? I don't think so.

h/t: CNS News

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