“We are at war with violent Islam,” he said. “We are at war with jihadi Islam. We are at war with those who believe in killing in the name of religion.”

Truer words were never spoken, and those were spoken by Nebraska Republican Senator, Ben Sasse, on December 8th when he took to the Senate floor to speak his mind, and to throw a little shade the president’s direction.

President Obama, as we all know, has been hard at work, strengthening America’s defenses against our two worst enemies; heat-wave, and cold-spell, otherwise known as “summer” and “winter.”  

While that may seem like a joke, and one in poor taste considering the context, it is anything but. Shortly after the Paris, France terrorist attacks, President Obama gave a speech that suggested fighting the weather is what will bring ISIS to its knees.

No sooner than the attack on San Bernardino takes place than President Obama is preaching workplace violence, gun control, Islamophobia, and climate change.

This is not about climate change, anger at coworkers or hatred for all Muslims! Only a self-absorbed self-proclaimed king arrogant enough to think he can control the earth, moon, stars, weather, and how everybody thinks, worships, eats and the list goes on could say such a thing.

Lucky for the USA we have somebody just like that and he sits in the Oval Office when he can squeeze it in amongst golfing, campaigning, and vacationing.

Our situation as a country is as Ben Sasse puts forth;

“… it is emphatically and indisputably clear that we are not at war with all Muslims, let us tell the truth that we most certainly are at war with militant Islam.”

Source: CNS News

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