How unbelievably awesome was this? Let’s picture it. Pretend you are Elise Goodvin, college co-ed. You have managed to get a press pass for the upcoming Hillary Clinton speaking engagement in Monticello, Iowa.

You, like everyone else, are kept waiting for the Democrat Debutante to make her grand entrance. Time drags on. You chat up the gal with New York Times/MSNBC and learn her name.

Hiledebeast finally arrives and you and she shake hands. At which point you refer to Hillary by your new found friend’s (NYT/MSNBC) name in error; “Nice to meet you…..”

Wait for it….




Faces freeze all around and you stumble for, “I meant her…not Lewinsky.”


If you are Goodvin, you probably were wishing you could take the shovel with which you are digging your own grave very quickly, and start burying yourself.

You can’t make this stuff up!

Source: Mad World News

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