Everywhere we look we see symbols.

You have the Converse shoe key-chains and pairs of them flung over telephone wires that supposedly indicate the variety and place to buy street drugs.

The one pant leg up the calf, the saggy pants, and so forth.

Turns out that property owners in 10 different states have their symbols too. A purple painted fence post or tree trunk means the same thing as “No Trespassing.”

This is nothing new. The “Purple Pain Law” is 27 years old, having originated in Arkansas, as a means for land owners to mark property lines.  

This replaces the “No Trespassing” signs notoriously removed or shot to smithereens by ne’er-do-wells looking for a good time.

The symbol is good enough for law enforcement and you will be arrested/cited for breaking the code.

Next time you see purple in your wanderings you would do best to stay on your side of the line.

Source: Mad World News


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