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For those Americans who lived through the Vietnam experience, Bernie Sanders exemplified what many American youths were experiencing at the time, some gleefully volunteered to go into the military, while others waited to be drafted, and some ran off to Canada, while still others used every trick in the book to garner an exemption, and Bernie Sanders cowardly fell into that category claiming to be a pacifist and applied for conscientious objector status at the time, his campaign told ABC News.

“As a college student in the 1960s he was a pacifist,” campaign spokesman Michael Briggs said in an email. “[He] isn’t now.”

The information was confirmed after Vietnam veteran Steven Wikert of Cedar Falls, Iowa, wrote a letter to The Des Moines Register, writing in part:

“I enlisted in the military while I was still in high school. Around that time Bernie Sanders’ draft board was deciding on his claim that he refused to do military service because he was a conscientious objector. He did so to avoid having to serve his country in the Vietnam War.

Soon after he turned 26, too old to be drafted and no longer needed ways to avoid the draft. Sanders was just settling down in his new home in Vermont in 1970-1971 while I served my country as a military policeman in jeep patrols in Vietnam”.

“His decision to refuse to fulfill his wartime civic and patriotic duties claiming conscientious objection follows him his entire life”.

However none of the candidates currently running for office on both sided of the political aisle, have ever worn the uniform but at least they didn't go out of their way to dodge serving.

Do you think Sanders is unfit to lead our country as shown by his attempts to avoid fighting for it?

Source: Daily Caller


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