Go Windy City Pizza! In standing up to the socio-cultural, socio-gender mass hysteria sweeping the nation, this Virginia Beach pizzeria would like you to know they have biologically defined bathrooms.

That’s right ladies! You can be assured that some cross-dressing freak will not be walking in on your private moment. Men, you won’t have to worry about some women barging in on your business.


Trust us people that it isn’t just women who are uncomfortable with the notion of relieving themselves, in public, with strangers of the opposite sex in the vicinity. Women are just more vocal about their feelings. It is how we are wired.

Sadly, the pizzeria owner is a fence-sitter. The person is ambivalent about the whole transgender bathroom thing. This is a publicity stunt for business. If it makes the customers happy, so be it. The owner “likes to post messages to stimulate conversation,” as reported by local News Channel 3.

That said, for what it’s worth Virginia Beach locals can be assured of proper bathroom etiquette.


They can also enjoy some of the wittier signage gracing the lawn. For example, the venue has proudly proclaimed, “Doing our part to shrink the gender gap. We underpay guys too!”

If nothing else, their establishment does elicit some serious conversation among patrons and drivers-by.

Source: Mad World News



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