10 presidential electors in Wisconsin upheld the will of their citizens vote and cast their ballots for Donald Trump. Trump finalized his victory by getting the electoral votes necessary to become the next President of the United States.

This didn't go over well with a group if irate anti-Trump demonstrators who tried to disrupt the ballots being cast.

Demonstrators chanted “Shame" at the electors. These electors are simply upholding democracy and voting in accordance to the citizens of their state's will.

“This is my America! You have sold us out! Listen to your hearts,” one of the enraged protesters yelled. “Listen to all of it!”


The mindless sheep who actually buy into the mainstream media narrative that it's all the Russians fault had “No Putin President” signs to fly.

Police finally bounced the demonstrators as everyone grew tired of their anti-democratic shenanigans.

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Source: IJR

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