If the BlackLivesMatter hate groups goal is to make being a police officer more dangerous and tougher than it already is they may have succeeded as disrespect towards police is growing a an alarming rate.

This clip shows a woman in Florida getting pulled over for speeding and she is not too happy about it.

Unlike a normal person who accepts that speeding is dangerous for everyone on the road and taking the ticket like a grown up she decides to channel her inner Black Lives Matter hatred towards police and tell the cop 'No wonder you people get shot'.

The cops response shows restraint and professionalism.

He just replies "OK, Thank You Mam". At least he is smart enough to not take the bait and remain calm and courteous.

Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw said the driver's attitude made him disappointed and angry. "This is a deputy trying to make sure that children are safe and don't get killed in a school zone,”

This woman is a disgrace. Check it out for yourself here:

Dashcam footage shows the policeman responding politely to the woman's outburst


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