It isn’t unheard of for law school buddies to stay in touch after graduation – it’s the first step in professional networking that can last a lifetime and lead to valuable connections, lucrative business deals and profitable partnerships throughout the years.

And that’s especially true where one has achieved a high level of success and is in a position to appoint the old pal to an important and prestigious post.

And what could be more natural than getting together to talk over old times and laugh about tyrannical professors – preferably in a warm and sunny location to escape the cold, gray East Coast in March?

So although it’s no surprise that Barack Obama and Derrick Watson, alumni from Harvard Law 1991, found time to meet in their hometown of Honolulu this week to catch up on the good old days, the timing of Obama’s visit may raise a few eyebrows.

The former president has been on vacation since he left the White House on January 20th – kite surfing off Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands with billionaire Richard Branson and negotiating an eight-figure book deal, but he landed in Honolulu just as Watson was deciding what would likely be the most important case of his career.

Obama’s friend is U.S. District Court Judge Derrick Watson for the District of Hawaii – named to the court by law school buddy Barack Obama in 2012, and the judge who held the fate of President Trump’s Executive Order mulligan immigration pause in his hands.

Just hours before the second, revised EO was set to go into effect, Watson issued a restraining order blocking Trump’s effort to temporarily pause travel from six predominantly Muslim countries in the Middle East for 90-days while U.S. security agencies consider ways to improve vetting procedures for those seeking entry to the U.S.

The restraining order was the second time in a month Trump has been slapped down in federal court as he invokes his constitutional power to ensure the nation’s safety.

It’s no secret that President Obama never intended to ride off into the sunset as most presidents do after their term of office comes to an end.

Most presidents are more than ready to return home whether to write their memoirs, find new ways to serve, pursue new hobbies or old ones that took a back seat to the pressing matters of state.

Ronald Reagan and his wife, Nancy, cherished the time the spent on their California ranch; Jimmy Carter devoted himself to building homes for the poor with Habitat for Humanity.

Gerald Ford –a standout athlete in college, despite Saturday Night Live portrayals of him as a klutz – finally had the time to ski in Vail, and Bush 41 took up skydiving on his birthdays in his 80s and 90s.

LBJ fashioned his legacy in a memoir and Richard Nixon even rehabilitated himself into a respected elder statesman on Russia and China.

But even when it appeared that his chosen successor would easily win the election, Obama had already rented a nine-bedroom home in a posh neighborhood of the nation’s capital.

Former presidents don’t sign leases for $22,000 a month rent to sit in a rocker on a porch to paint, like George W. Bush.

Obama has made it known that he intends to remain a visible and active player in Washington D.C. politics, in effect heading up a near parallel government to oppose President Trump, his administration and his policies.

And just as then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch believed she could meet with former President Bill Clinton on an airport tarmac in Phoenix only days before her department was set to conduct an interview with his wife, the subject of a long-term investigation, either to discuss his golf game and grandchildren or… for some other undisclosed purpose, Mr. Obama evidently believed it was entirely appropriate to fly to Hawaii to pay a visit to the man he had placed on the federal bench, his old law school friend even as the judge was preparing to rule on President Trump’s signature Executive Order.

Obviously, it was just another Democrat coincidence like the Lynch-Clinton meet-up.

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