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The carnage that took the lives yesterday of 14-innocent victims in San Bernardino, California was perhaps less than 1-hour old, and the perpetrators were still at large and had yet to be identified, when President Obama decided to take to the airwaves and proclaim that the carnage was the fault of the “gun” rather than the perverse actions of deranged individuals.

However not to be out done by the Commander-in-Chief, a chorus of liberals (including Sanders, Clinton, Pelosi and O’Malley), immediately took to social media, while the bodies of the dead still lay upon blood-soaked carpets and among strown and scattered Christmas decorations to also voice for more gun control, while the mainstream media mocked those that prayed for the victims.

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However just hours after this band of lefty loons took to the airwaves with their vile attempt to politicize this senseless carnage, the investigation by law enforcement began to mirror more the events in Paris, in that this was a well orchestrated attack, and seemingly carried out by an Islamic husband and wife “terrorist team”, bent on creating mass casualties

Syed Farook and his wife Tashfeen Melik, have been identified as the ones who stormed the Inland Regional Center, after Farook abruptly left a Christmas party (hosted by his company) and came back in full battle gear and fully armed with automatic weapons, and calmly (with his wife), opened up on his follow coworkers, murdering 14, and wounding 17.

It’s been reported that Farook had traveled to the Middle East, where he met his wife. Investigators have also uncovered what has been described as a “bomb factory” within their residence, and one neighbor has described what she witnessed just weeks before the carnage, saying that strange men perhaps Middle Eastern in appearance and carrying boxes into the home at wee hours of the morning. She also stated that she felt uneasy and considered calling authorities, however decided that perhaps she was unfairly profiling those individuals.

Obviously this has all the signs of a terrorist attack and perhaps the pretext of being angry (as reported) at the “Christmas Party” and Farook’s quick exit, was simply a way of sizing up the logistics within the room, before returning. As of this writing the investigation continues.

Here are some more reactions of Republican and Democrat leaders:

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Here is the classy NY Daily News cover making light of prayers for the victims:

Source: NewsBusters

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