News is still emerging about the Orlando nightclub shooting that left 49 people dead and more than that number seriously wounded. Among the most important bits is the recently released fact that Omar Mateen's second wife was likely an accomplice in the brutal killing spree.

Noor Zahi Salman is Mateen's second wife. Mateen's first wife left him after he proved a brutal and abusive husband. But Salman apparently put up with Mateen's brutality, a Facebook post shows that they had a son together.

Even more than marital bliss, however, is the recently released security footage that shows Salman accompanying Mateen as he purchased ammunition that he later used in the killing at the Pulse nightclub.

Though the store isn't identified, officials have stated that it's clear from the footage that it is Salman who is accompanying Mateen during the transaction.

Salman, the widow of one of the worst lone wolf Islamist terrorists we've seen in this country, is now under suspicion of holding back information from the authorities that her husband was planning a mass shooting.

If she had come forward with even just a simple tip, countless lives could have been saved.

Salman, however, appears to be close-mouthed about the whole thing and authorities aren't releasing much information about any investigation involving the widow.

In other, related news, local gun ranges have released the shooting scores of the killer, Mateen, and it appears that he wasn't just a local security grunt. Mateen was a skilled shot who scored near-perfect scores in the Florida gun licensing exam.

It seems that Mateen was part of a perfect storm, so to speak. A storm that swept over Orlando and left tragedy and devastation in its wake. If only someone had tipped the police. If only Mateen hadn't used his incredible shooting skills for such an evil purpose.

Let's hope the authorities find some justice through the killer's accomplice.

h/t: NY Post

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