Attacks by crazed immigrants aren't relegated to just countries in Europe, these days. Security footage that's been released of an attack last week shows that the craziness can happen to almost anyone at any time.

Take, for instance, a local homeless man Omer Ismail Ali. Ali lived in Kelso, Washington, and was well-known to police. He had a record that he got from driving a stolen rental car and from driving with a suspended license.

No one suspected, however, that Ali was harboring dangerous and violent tendencies. Until the day that he strolled into a convenience store carrying a large piece of wood that he wielded like a bat.

Ali had recently been released from the local jail and had been accused of shoplifting by the convenience store owner. A local police officer, John Johnston, had responded to the scene and was reviewing the security tapes of the store. And that's when Ali went berserk.

He used the long piece of wood he'd carried into the store as a club, striking an employee and a customer at the Flying K convenience store. Officer Johnston stopped reviewing the security footage and responded to the situation. That's when Ali made a fatal mistake.

Instead of stopping when faced with an armed member of law enforcement, Ali decided that he wanted to attack Johnston as well. In fact, security footage shows him knocking down Officer Johnston before being shot in the chest and the neck. Ali later died from those gunshot wounds.

Officials who reviewed the case thought that Johnston did the right thing in shooting the berserk Ali. They reportedly stated that a Taser or baton would likely not have been the "appropriate response" to Ali's violence.

It's tragic on the one hand, that our police officers are forced to take deadly action when threatened with bodily harm. But it's also worrisome. Not all immigrants are peace-loving families. Some, it would appear, are somewhat deranged and very violent.

h/t: KOIN

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