While President Obama and his gang of Black Lives Matter thugs continue to do absolutely nothing while thousands of people suffer from the floods that have ravaged Louisiana the GOP presidential hopeful has been down in Louisiana caring for the victims that need help the most. However, just after Tump touched down in Louisiana he was met with these five stunning words from a group of displaced people who knew he was coming.

While Obama continues to hit golf balls in Martha's Vineyard and his daughter needs to get her daddy to bail her out of delinquent parties, he continues to show how much he 'cares' about the black lives being severely affected by the natural disaster plaguing Louisiana.

As soon as Trump and his running mate Mike Pence touched down they were received with an overwhelmingly positive response from the LA residents.

You can tell by the crowds chanting and screaming Trump's praise. Trump is a man of his word and these people know that. You can tell by the words they were cheering at him, "We knew you'd be here!"

It just goes to show that Trump does what he says and is not the giant hypocrite that our joke of president Obama has proven to be.

Groups like Black Lives Matter and the Black Panthers have preached time and time again that Trump does not care for black lives and that they should hate the GOP presidential nominee.

Now they have been given a chance to see what Trump is all about. He cares for the people in this country and he doesn't see race.

He's a man of his word and he will get things done. He's proven (not that he needed to) that he's not a racist like the left has tried so hard to portray him as and instead he is a man of the people who knows what to do to truly make this country great again and help the people most in need.

Trump has shown this nation that while Hillary and Obama continue to lie around and do nothing while their constituents suffer and call out for help Trump is there for them and Trump is there for America.

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Source: Mad World News


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