Last night's debates was one of the most heated debates the country has ever seen. After the debate was over CNN redirected their attention towards a "focus group" to hear their opinions about what they had heart during the explosive debate. The camera panned to the group quicker than they had expected and exposed something to nation that they and the reporter never wanted to be aired on live television.

The past couple days have been dominated by talk about the infamous audio tape of Donald Trump from over a decade ago as part of the left's efforts to cut Trump down and boost the Hilary Campaign.

It would seem that karma came back to bite them when a liberal news source that pretends to be centered got themselves in a little hot water from a comment debacle of their own.

The "focus group" was supposed to be an unbiased group showing their honest opinions of what they thought of the outcome of the debate, where Trump bashed Hillary to bits, but of course CNN wanted to make sure that it looked like Hillary came out on top in the eyes of the unbiased.

The answers to the questions were supposed to be honest but of course CNN wanted to push their own narrative and weren't quite sneaky enough to get away with it. One reporter was caught giving responses to one of the female members of the group.

The group member was asked to respond to Hillary's comment about how "America already is great but we are great because we are good," but the reporter was heard feeding the attendee a response that would help craft their liberal narrative.

While the recording of Hillary's comment was played the reporter was heard walking the audience through the response that they were supposed to say a few seconds after. The reporter didn't realize that the mic was on and was heard saying "America is great," just before her voice fades away.

The attendee did what she was told just like Hillary and the left leaning CNN wanted and responded with, "She stated that America is already great and I tend to agree with that…"

It is still unclear for sure if she was actually coaching the audience or just repeating Hillary's words, but it certainly wouldn't be the first time CNN has used some sort of trickery to try to slant the debate in Hillary's favor.

This is the second debate that very clearly was slanted by the news station against Trump to make Hillary look better. This time Trump made sure not to hold back and just before crushing Hillary in the debate he made sure to address how both moderators repeatedly attacked Trump and seemingly left Hillary untouched. Despite the aid Hillary has received from these clearly slanted "unbiased" news sources Trump showed that he can hold his own and isn't afraid to cut through the lies confront the truth.

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Source: Mad World News

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