It seems the one thing we can always be assured of when progressive Democrats take control of managing either a city or a state, is how far they will go before common sense prevails. Take for example Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and his apparent accommodation of Sharia Law.

When Murray’s housing committee released recommendations of how to foster development of market-rate and lower-income housing within the city.

One recommendation would apparently recognize and by that very act condone Sharia Law in helping Muslims acquire home loans, however Sharia Law prohibits payment of interest on loans.

So the 28-member committee recommended the city convene lenders and community leaders to explore options for increasing access to Sharia-compliant loan products.

However it seems obvious that if Sharia Law “prohibits payment of interest on loans”, that someone else is going to pay that interest, and if not the potential home owner, then who?

Aside from the obvious “smoke and mirrors” being played out within the housing market in Seattle, there’s another aspect of this that is quite disturbing, and speaks of a much larger issue, having a mayor accepting the concept of Sharia Law, which includes the following;

1- Jihad, defined as "to war against non-Muslims to establish the religion," is the duty of every Muslim and Muslim head of state (Caliph). Muslim Caliphs who refuse jihad are in violation of Sharia and unfit to rule.

2- A Caliph can hold office through seizure of power meaning through force.

3- A Caliph is exempt from being charged with serious crimes such as murder, adultery, robbery, theft, drinking and in some cases of rape.

4- Sharia never abolished slavery, sexual slavery and highly regulates it. A master will not be punished for killing his slave.

5- Sharia dictates death by stoning, beheading, amputation of limbs, flogging even for crimes of sin such as adultery.

Apparently the blinders are on in both the mayor's office, and at the Washington state chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) estimates more than 30,000 Muslims live in the greater Seattle area, and Chapter Executive Director  Arsalan Bukhari  on Tuesday said it's "fairly common" for some not to seek loans.

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