“Leadership is about service to country, not-self. It’s time to advance the cause of freedom.” Those stirring words could have been uttered by one of our Founding Fathers, as they prepared to face the British Empire and declare the colonies a free nation, or perhaps said just days before the invasion of Normandy.

Rep. Ryan Zinke

However in actuality those words and more were uttered by former Navy SEAL Team Six commander Rep. Ryan Zinke who is considering running for House Speaker. And according to reporter Brandon Webb of SofRep his intentions is to take a stand “against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

This definitely includes President Obama.

“I think there are a few people who can do that,” Zinke told Webb. “If folks like Paul Ryan and others step aside, and more of my colleagues ask me to run, I will hear the call to serve. Leadership is about service to country, not self. It’s time to advance the cause of freedom.”

Webb is apparently a big fan suggesting that Zinke is “no stranger to good leadership.”

“I would love to see him go against the grain and shake things up as the new speaker,” Webb wrote, referencing working under Zinke during his last tour in the Navy. “He’s a freshman but knows how to lead.”

Webb concluded that Zinke would be the type to offer “real solutions, not the bull**** political rhetoric we’ve all become accustomed to.”

Source: Conservative Tribune



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