As if Obama’s shortsighted nuclear deal with Iran wasn’t bad enough, the president showed a further lack of foresight and leadership skills in a snide attack against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

Walker has said that he would work to take down the nuclear agreement on his first day in office if he is elected president.

Obama, who apparently is trying to remain relevant in the political sector, scoffed when he heard about Walker’s remarks and said that Walker might change his mind once he “bone[s] up on foreign policy.” It didn’t help matters for Obama that he made his snide remarks on a national news program produced by NPR.

Walker, however, didn’t lay down to Obama’s political bullying and drafted a response that he sent out to the news media.

In his remarks, Walker states that Obama’s “failed leadership,” has poisoned relationships within the Democratic Party and with world leaders and America’s allies. Additionally, he said that if Obama spent more time trying to work with governors in America, he’d be a better president. His statement finishes by stating that Obama’s many gaffes have “hurt America’s safety and standing in the world.”

Hopefully Obama is feeling some of the sting of Walker’s pointed rebukes and will be less inclined to arbitrarily throw his hat in the political ring again, especially when his own time has expired.

Unfortunately, Walker’s remarks are spot on. Obama’s deal with Iran shows his desire to make a mark in a history book rather than make a smart foreign policy decision.

Obama’s bullheaded push to get the Iran deal finalized is only eclipsed by the fact that he felt the need to lash out against Walker when he felt threatened by Walker’s comments.

Mr. President, it’s time to put your pride away and start making decisions that will benefit America, not just make a flashy news headline.

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