Under Governor Scott Walker's leadership, Wisconsin will join eleven other states as the newest state to require welfare recipients to pass a drug test before they can receive state welfare funds.

While some liberals and liberal-minded religious groups have called out Walker for "targeting" the poor and those with addictions, Walker's response has been spot on: if they're receiving funds from the state, the state should be able to make rules for these people to live by before they can receive a dime.

But Walker's drug test isn't simply a play to restrict the number of people who will be eligible to receive welfare, it's also a giant step forward in changing unemployment payments from helping freeloaders live off of the work of others to payments which will actually help others prepare to receive employment.

Walker's reasoning is solid. Most, if not all, employers will require a drug test for new employees and by letting people know that unemployment and welfare are just a stepping stone for those who want to receive funds.

The religious groups that oppose the change to welfare state that the change will unnecessarily target the poor and those with addictions. Walker's has the perfect and correct response, however. He says that the state of Wisconsin, by identifying those welfare recipients who have a problem with drugs, will be able to help those people with their addictions and get them back into the workforce faster.

It is innately outrageous, however, that people would take offense with Wisconsin setting benchmarks and tests for people to have to qualify for state funds. You don't argue with a bank when they set rules for you to abide by if you borrow money from them. There's really no difference with welfare funds.

If people looked at welfare like real money being given to them by hardworking people, perhaps they'd be able to see the genius behind Walker's welfare reform. He's taking a huge step forward.

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