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Scott Baio, the actor renown for his role as Chachi in the beloved television show Happy Days, recently went on Fox Business to discuss politics with Lester Fox. When asked about Obama’s reluctance to identify terrorists as radical islamists, Baio’s normally sunny demeanor quickly turned sour.

“He’s absolutely reluctant,” Baio boomed. “I can’t tell, Lester, if he’s dumb, he’s a Muslim, or he’s a Muslim sympathizer. And I don’t think he’s dumb.”

Baio’s refusal to conform to the Hollywood agenda is a welcome response. Baio is one of the few conservatives who can be found hobnobbing down Sunset Boulevard.

While Hollywood’s films preach acceptance, and the value of the first amendment, the political breakdown of Tinseltown illustrates an industry unwilling to accommodate multiple viewpoints, and a working environment outwardly discriminatory towards conservatives.

Baio, an ardent supporter of Donald Trump, will surely pay a price for this burst of honesty, be it the cold shoulder from casting directors or outward hostility from his peers. However, while the rest of the liberals in the film industry self congratulate through Lady Gaga performances, or standing ovations for Joe Biden at the Oscars, Scott Baio is holding the president’s feet to the fire.

Why won’t Obama acknowledge that we are fighting against radical Islamic terror? What is to be gained by calling an animal that looks, and sounds like a duck, an ostrich?

Scott Baio is fed up with this hypocrisy, and will no longer recite the company line, consequences be damned! If only more conservatives in Hollywood would have the courage to speak up like Baio. Maybe then, we could make Monday through Sunday happy days once again.


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