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California, no big surprise there, has decided that in order to appease Muslims, drawings of Mohammed are no longer allowed to be sketched within the Acton School District.

One whiny parent, named Melinda Van Stone, is angry because, “It’s not appropriate to have our children go to school and learn how to insult a religious group,” in response to an assignment entitled, “Vocabulary Pictures: The Rise of Islam.”

Well, how about the decades of insult against every other religion, like Christianity, for disallowing prayer groups or wearing of Christian proclamations?

The School District Superintendent, Brent Woodward, plans to consult with an “Islam Expert” regarding potential offense.

How about American experts? You know, we the people, who really do not care what Islam finds offensive.

Perhaps rather than draw Mohammed, or the Quran, or Mecca, Islam could be summed up with one picture; bloody red crayon scribbles across all the continents of the world. Truth hurts-get over

Source: Mad World News


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