Think back to high school. If you were caught cheating on a test, or lying about completing an assignment you got in trouble. In college, plagiarism and cheating has even more dire consequences: expulsion.

But the tables have been turned at John Dewey High School in Brooklyn, New York. It was teachers who were cheating the system and not students.

According to current and former teachers at the school, hundreds of students’ grades were changed to reflect passing grades so that the students could graduate.

Not only were the changes made without the teachers’ permission, but students were given credit for ridiculous things: for example, playing a computer game was counted as credit for a computer class and watching a movie for a science class.

Of course, you would expect to hear that this high school has come under severe condemnation for passing undeserving students and cooking the books. Unfortunately not. They were actually rewarded.

Schools with higher graduation rates in New York are available for bonuses and other rewards, offering a perfect incentive for people to lie and cheat.

The fact that this scandal happened shouldn’t be surprising. People all over the world take advantage of “the system” and will do whatever they can to get ahead.

But what should be surprising is the fact that teachers blew the whistle on this unfair and probably illegal practice and nothing has happened.

The principal hasn’t been fired and the school policies haven’t been revamped. The problem is just now facing investigation, and we can hope that the wrong doing will be condemned, but the fact remains that the school system is so broken that it’s now helping our students to cheat.

Instead of providing extra study hours and legitimate assignments to help increase their students’ knowledge, teachers are finding it easier to give fluff credits and fake assignments.

Let’s let the kids take responsibility for their actions. If they skip classes and miss assignments, let them fail. Don’t give them a free handout when it comes to education. It’s not helping them and it’s not helping our future.


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