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Public schools, indoctrination camp or education for the less fortunate? Well, for decades, Americans have been sold the notion of the latter. However, with creeping government control over every and all education, the former conspiracy theory has been feeling more and more possible. From the seemingly well intentioned No Child Left Behind, which failed miserably as all government programs ultimately do, to President Obama's Common Core. The government's one-size-fits-all curriculum. Considering the majority of support that had come from big Ds(establishment Democrats) and lefties, sadly with some Big Rs(establishment Republicans or RINOS), it comes as no surprise some of the bizarre things to come from its coursework.

It is a common political narrative that conservatives, libertarians, and Republicans hate the poor, but as EAG News reports it now permeates the classroom?

An 11th grade class at Nathan Hale High School(Irony) in Wisconsin is being taught, very specifically, that conservatives do not believe in helping the poor. It was discovered when Heather Bronnson was helping her kid with his homework. According to EAG News, her son asked her a political question from his homework, what it was and the answer is the disturbing part.

“When I picked my son up from school, he asked me what political party did I think thought ‘We should not help the poor, it’s a waste of money. I answered none, and a discussion took place. He answered ‘E’ which stood for Fascism because he couldn’t imagine conservatives or liberals saying such a thing.”

If you have guessed by now, he got the answer wrong. According to the quiz, the "Conservative/Republican" is the one who believes that, not communist or fascist. She contacted the school about the issue, but has yet to hear back.

The bottom of the quiz gives you a link to fill out more questions that determine if you are "Left or Right", "Libertarian or Authoritarian", you "Foreign policy" beliefs, and your "cultural" score. The very bottom asks how you measured up to others and why.

There was no mention of the Common Core Curriculum, but this bizarre home work has not been seen by many until now, which concerns Mrs. Bronsson.

“We tend to only see what they are learning as parents when they need our assistance on something. I think that all parents need to realize that there are things taught sometimes to their kids that aren’t true or at best are misleading.”

She also pointed out that in your formative teenage years, these answers could potentially sway your political beliefs incorrectly.

“If a 16-year-old believes that a Republican or conservative doesn’t believe in helping the poor, they may view themselves as liberals at a young age … and incorrectly.”

No further information has been reported on this issue, but it certainly represents the direction of public education, potentially the need for a shift towards charter and private schools, which allow parents more control over their children's education.


What are your thoughts? Does this assignment disturb you, or is it just par for the course? Does it come as a shock, or are your children taking the same kind of quiz?

Leave your thoughts and opinions.

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