La Plata High School, Maryland seems to have a propaganda problem, and unfortunately, it's an increasing trend within every public school in America. So we have a clear perspective on this issue, we need to revisit the core definition at the heart of this problem. Propaganda is defined as information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, being used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view. The political cause in this case is also the point of view, as this biased assignment is about teaching the Five Pillars of Islam.


As noted in the video above, the Marine and father of the student understandably has an issue with this view being forced upon his daughter. The acceptable answers to the questions are designed to steer the mind of the student into accepting Islam as a benevolent religion. When dad, a Marine who knows that isn't necessarily the truth, contacted the school and made a reasonable case against the assignment, the Liberals in that education system did what they do best. The so-called educators responded poorly, blowing the father's response way out of proportion and banning him from school property.

What should be noted is the amount of time that is spent on these lessons, which do not fairly balance what is taught about other religions, including Christianity. Students aren't offered an equal share of information about all major religions, disallowing them the ability to speculate on their respective principles. With only one side being shoved forward, it biases a young developing mind in favor of what they are taught about.

If the reverse of this situation was going on, meaning if Christianity was primarily taught for weeks at a time where only one or two days was spent on other major religions, Liberals would be howling for blood. They would be demanding the firing of all people responsible, from teachers to school administrators. However, when Liberals use a form of stealth to insert an Islamic agenda through our educational system, how dare the parents disagree. Instead of a dialog, Liberals resort to knee-jerk tactics in an attempt to silence any reasonable debate.

This so-called curriculum is linked to the growing darkness that is called Common Core education, which is being thrust upon states throughout the Union, under threat of losing federal funds from the Department of Education. School administrators, in an effort to keep the flow of cash from Federal sources secure, end up teaching propaganda rather than the truth, may the parents be damned if they point out the obvious flaws.

When Conservatives hold the high offices of the United States, Liberals take up the "Separation of Church and State" mantra. We can't have prayers in schools, or a list of the Ten Commandments. When Liberals get behind the wheel, our teachers have to promote not only a religion, but a religion that is also a political machine bent on controlling the people, pushed through American high schools? If we don't stop capitulating to those who intend to destroy our own way of life, America as we know it will eventually cease to exist.



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