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“Reverse suspension” isn’t exactly a revolutionary idea in that parochial schools have used this method of discipline for decades in the unlikely scenario that a child misbehaved.

And for those of us old enough to remember the good old days, back in PS whatever, when you misbehaved in middle-school, a letter would be sent home to your parents, “you” or perhaps the “mailman” would be the ones tasked with making sure the latter arrived “safe and secure” and “you” (the student) were required to bring that letter ‘signed” by a parent back to school.

Now of course a few enterprising students would forge their parent’s name, but that worked if that was the only letter sent home. If there were a few more letters sent home, the parent would be required to come to school. Students were never allowed to simply miss school for misbehaving… it actually defeats the intended purpose.

Anyway, it’s nice to know that good old-fashioned common sense is making a return to the Huntington East Middle School in West Virginia, where they have apparently embraced a not so new form of discipline, and it's working wonders. They call it “reverse suspension,” and it’s exactly what it sounds like.

During a typical suspension, a child is required to stay home from school, ideally with his/her parent(s). But a “reverse suspension” does the complete opposite, giving the parent a chance to go to school with their child and stick by his/her side all day long.

So the school decided to offer “reverse suspension” as punishment for non-violent, non-verbally abusive behavior, and it’s doing the trick.

“I was suspended multiple times last year. But this year, not once,” one student, Justin Young, said.
“Who as a parent wants to sit in class? It’s embarrassing,” parent Stephanie Howell told WOWK. “It’s a good motivator to not have your parents come and sit with them.”

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However one would imagine if you’re old enough to remember having one of those letters sent to your home as a kid, the likelihood of having your parents sitting in a classroom all day would no doubt be a one-time experience. The next might be a two-inch strap waiting for you at home.

Source: The Blaze

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