The latest front has been opened in the fight to force acceptance of “transgendered” children into mainstream America as a private school is being sued for discrimination.

The parents of an eight-year-old child born male they claim told them he “was a girl” have filed suit against Heritage Oak Private School in Yorba Linda, California because they say their child was not treated as a girl.

Lawsuits involving transgendered students have targeted public schools, but this is the first to be filed against a private school.

The suit was filed on a pro bono basis by Public Counsel, which is the largest and most liberal public interest law firm in the United States.

It asserts that little Nikki was forced to use the school’s staff restroom rather than the girls’ restroom and made to wear a boy’s uniform.

Public Counsel released a statement saying the parents, Priya Shah and Jaspret Brar, see it as a “fight for human dignity.”

But in the real fight for real science, biology and reality, the school spokesman said that it had a need to “support other young children” at the school.

“Due to the sensitivity of the issue and age of the child, we believed we needed expert guidance regarding timing, process and age-appropriate communication.”

Nikki was born a boy, but after he began showing a preference for traditionally feminine toys, the parents found a therapist specializing in children’s gender identity issues who “encouraged them to let the child wear girl’s clothes.”

A spokeswoman for Heritage said transgender students in older grades have been accommodated in the past and that an outside consultant had been hired to work with the family to develop accommodations for Nikki.

“Unfortunately, these accommodations were rejected, and the parents withdrew their child,” she said.

Nikki’s mother, who taught college courses in gender and transgender theory according to the lawsuit, said her child’s “courage to fight for her authentic self has galvanized my own.”

It might seem that Ms. Shah is, herself, a tad confused as to who the case is all about.

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Source: ocregister

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