Let’s give a nationwide round of applause to Stewarts Creek High School, in Rutherford County, Tennessee for standing up to bullies.

The anti-Confederate flag crowd is just that-bullies, and they could use a whole bunch of that bully sensitivity training they are force feeding our children.

One 14-year-old boy and his mother are faux-fended by the display of the Confederate flag on the grounds of the school, as well as the students wearing clothing that features the flag. She felt “sad and hurt” (whiny voice) when she saw it with her very own eyes. The shock must have rattled through her half-a-brain.

Is the school going to remove it and wipe-out some American history, and succumb to the misguided bully mother? Nope.

“As a school district, we can’t prohibit such items unless it is causing a disturbance at school.”

(Rutherford County School District spokesman, James Evans)

The students, see the flag as part of their heritage. Like it or not it is just that. It is part our history, albeit a dark one.

It is emblematic of the south’s loss in the Civil War, yet they display it. There is something to be said for that kind of homage to their past, while simultaneously admitting they lost the war.

The momma, who happens to be black and a coward for wanting to remain anonymous, not unlike the face-hiding thugs of the #BlackLivesMatter violent protests,  fears for her son’s safety. Really?

He has been attending the school with the same classmates all along, to include black students displaying the flag, and now she fears for his safety? If anyone should be offended it is the rest of the students and their parents, by this hateful mother.

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