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After the 2007 earthquake that devastated Haiti, people around the world rushed to provide aid to the Haitian citizens.

Over $10 billion in support was raised globally, $3.7 billion of that coming from the United States. Two of the most prominent fundraised in the states were Bill and Hillary Clinton.

They promised to rebuild Haiti bigger, and better than ever before. Bill even went so far as to speculate that Haiti could be the first truly wireless nation. 6 years later, and faulty Wi-Fi is the least serious in a myriad of problems that still plagues Haiti.

What has become clear is that a substantial portion of the aide money, if not a majority of it, was never seen by Haitians. Money that was supposed to roads, and infrastructure has, instead, magically disappeared.

Shockingly, Hillary claims no wrong doing in this scandal. However, if her email scandal has taught Americans anything it is that her word cannot be trusted.

The facts remain that billions of dollars were raised in America for the purpose of helping the embattled country, and 6 years later Haiti has barely improved since the tragedy.

Hillary will swear that she never tampered with the money, but the American public is smarter than that now. If Hillary says she'll have your money by March, it will surely be gone 'till November.

Source: National Review

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