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Police officers have come under fire in America for doing their job. There's no other way to describe what's been happening in communities across the nation. Thankfully, though, some people are still standing up and sharing the intense good that comes from these men and women dressed in blue. Police officers do so much more than the media would have you believe.

Take, for example, the picture that Kendall Wills took of a police officer stopped at a traffic light in Kentucky. Wills saw the officer pulled over and out of his car talking to a transient man who had been carrying a cardboard sign. She didn't know what to think and so she pulled over and snapped a picture.

The officer was Brandon White, a member of Georgetown, Kentucky PD, and he was talking to the man for some time, Wills related on a Facebook post that went viral.

"Both men appeared to be speaking calmly when I noticed the man on the left nod his head. The officer then grabbed the man's hand in both of his hands and they both bowed their heads," Wills wrote.

After praying together, the officer went on his way and the homeless man picked up his sign and resumed his place at the light.

If Wills hadn't been stopped at the light with her camera out, no one would know this simple, random act of kindness that was performed by this loyal officer as he prayed with that homeless man.

Thank you, Officer White, for being an example to all of us. You've shown us that the things that unite us like our faith and our belief in the importance of each others' souls is more important than the color of our skin or what badge we wear on our chest.

From all of America, thank you for your example!

h/t: IJR



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