Comedienne Sarah Silverman is a cold, bitter woman as stated in her newest profanity-laced masterwork appropriately titled, "The Sad Rantings of a Cold, Bitter Woman."

Hah-hah. It's to laugh.

The foul-mouthed Silverman, who once proclaimed live on stage that she'd kill Jesus Christ again if given the chance, is at it again. This time, she's a feminist on an angry mission bashing men, trashing motherhood, and extolling the "virtues" of what she calls the "fullest life" of a woman who's completely devoted to her career.

So, why is Silverman such a cold, bitter woman?

It's The Patriarchy, stupid. Or, so she'd like to think. Who really knows what goes on in that crazed, disorganized, pornographic mind of hers.

Like so many of other man-hating feminist pioneers and role models before her -- Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, Eleanor Smeal, to name a few -- Silverman fashions herself a sort of torch-bearer for suffering childless women -- childless by choice.

The contradictions are incredible. As all evil stems from The Patriarchy, Silverman claims, she ridicules "hands-on fathers who never have to sacrifice at the expense of their children."

As if Silverman ever sacrificed herself at the expense of her children.

Oh, we forgot. She doesn't have any. Because her career is more important than her genetic contribution to the next generation.

One gets the disturbing impression that at the root of Silverman's obscene ranting is subconscious regret for the life choices she's made. Hers is the story of so many embittered women who heard the siren song of feminism and listened rather than plug their ears. Her feminist soul has become as barren as her womb, and she will go to her grave knowing that her feminist choices are fixed and irreversible.

On the feminist upside, she did create a great career for herself slinging filth at impressionable young audiences. For that, she can die lonely and proud.

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Source:  Daily Wire

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