Some woman love diamonds, some furs but a pink AR-15, now that’s a gift that everyone who believes in their 2nd Amendment rights should have, and if you’re the former Governor of Alaska like Sarah Palin what better gift to give a freedom loving girl then her own AR-15, specially crafted and designed in pink camo. And who better than Ted Nugent to gift the governor and have the loony left along with the mainstream media enraged after the pair actually posted the photo of a smiling Palin holding her pink DPMS AR-15, at the ready on Facebook.

Obviously the pair is used to being the source of controversy, however the wonderful thing about this particular duo is that they both enjoy being a thorn in the side of the loony left, in fact all it took this time around was a color photograph with a caption below that read; “The Great Sarah Palin was given this DPMS AR15 as gratitude for her 2nd Amendment absolutism. Godspeed  Sarah Palin. Godspeed  freedom lovers everywhere.”

However what truly sent the loony left into overdrive was the incredible response that the photo generated on Facebook with over 180,000 “likes” instantaneously and numerous comments; “I’ll take Sarah and a gun any day over Hillary and her pant suits,” one user posted. Another user suggested that Nugent run for president and Palin run for VP.

Say what you will about Palin and Nugent they know how to push those “progressive buttons”, and I wouldn’t downplay the fact that Palin is still a conservative “rock-star” among her supporters. She was a successful Governor and perhaps that’s why the media along with the loony left attempts to marginalize her, in that Gov. Palin became Alaska's first female governor and at age of 42, the youngest governor in Alaskan history, and a poll taken in late September 2008 after Palin was named to the national Republican ticket showed her popularity in Alaska at 68%, and that’s perhaps why those on the left attempt to discredit her, while also fearing her.

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