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So, an old white guy wants to hold the highest office in the land, and to get there, he wants everyone to know that our nation was founded on principles long accorded to old white guys.

RACISM (dramatic reverb).

Makes sense…On another planet. No, wait! It makes sense because it is Bernie Sanders, Democrat Party Presidential candidate we are talking about and of course the Democrats are the party of truth (wink). However, he overlooked the fact that the Democrat Party is the party of racism, but whatever.

Just go read some history and it is all there in black and white (no pun intended).

According to Sanders we are a nation founded on racism and that it is only with the election of the worst president in the whole history of presidents, that of Barack Hussein Obama-mm-mm-good, that our nation began to make amends for such atrocities.

“Now I know, my guess is probably not everybody here is an admirer or a voter for Barack Obama. But the point is, that in 2008, this country took a huge step forward, David [Nasser-Liberty University], in voting for a candidate based on his ideas and not the color of his skin.”

You would think that Obama was the first non-white person ever to hold elected office. Bernie Sanders lives in his own orbit.

You have to give the Bernster a pass. After all, he is old and white, and a Democrat.

Source: MRC TV



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