Bernie Sanders is nation of morons unto himself. He is the epitome of all things socialistic, communistic, anti-freedom, tyrannical, and enslaving.

Yet, for whatever ungodly reason, he has a following. He is a presidential candidate for the Democrat Party, and while laughable, he is the current runner-up to none other than the queen herself, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

So what makes the Bernster so special? For starters, he’s a huge fan of Cuba’s Castro. In the 1980s he would have been a fan of Fidel’s, but now we can presume he likes the equally sadistic brother-puppet Raul, who runs the country under Fidel’s thumb. Bernie also hates Ronald Reagan;

“…just because Ronald Reagan dislikes these people does not mean to say the people in these nations [Cuba and Nicaragua] feel the same” (1985).

That must explain the Cuban refugees who flee the country on makeshift rafts, risking their lives, to come to America, most of whom die on their journey.

This is not an anomaly for Sanders. He has always been a fan of oppressing the people. In the 1970s and 1980s he was all about the Sandinistas and their leader, Daniel Ortega. He thought Ortega was “an impressive guy,” with an equally impressive Foreign Minister, Miguel d’Escoto Brockmann, or, the Good-Father d’Escoto...kind and loving, ex-communicated from the Catholic Church until along came Pope Francis (another socialist loving commie).

By the way, d’Escoto, loved Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, was anti-Semitic, President of the United Nations, and nominated as Libya’s Ambassador to the UN (2011) as “Ali Abdussalam Treki.” What an awesome guy to be idolatrous of!

Does Bernie sound like anyone you know? How about our Nobel Peace Prize winning President? Obama has an unmistakable fascination with the Muslim Brotherhood.

He was distraught when their oppressive rule came to an end in Egypt. Obama, like his good buddy Bernie, loved Ahmadinejad, and seems to worship the current leaders of Iran, seeing as how he is bending over and taking one for the team to arm them with nukes.

Obama and Bernie, are cut from the same cloth; both just love dictatorial regimes who “know what’s best for the people.”

If you want more of the same, consider voting for Bernie Sanders. If not, then you better vote this coming election, because rest assured Bernie’s followers will.

Source: CNS News


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