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There’s no disputing that Bernie Sanders is a life long Socialist, however a race baiter?

And yet by all accounts “ol Bernie” apparently dug out the race card at where else?

The Apollo Theater in Harlem when someone in the audience shouted that the “super predator” an apparent code name for “black people, spoken by none other than our first (and only) black president Bill Clinton, which the Vermont senator immediately pounced on saying; “That’s exactly right.”

Of course Bernie's taking a page out of both the Clinton and Obama handbook played the race card to the max, condemning parts of Bill Clinton’s record on Saturday and saying the former president owed Americans an apology over a tense exchange with Black Lives Matter protesters at a campaign event earlier this week.

Stating emphatically; “The president owes the American people an apology for trying to defend what is indefensible.”

Appearing at a forum centering on race at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, Sanders made clear he has sharp differences with Bill Clinton’s handling of crime and poverty during his two-term presidency. He also rebuked Clinton for defending his wife’s use of the phrase “super predator” in the 1990s to describe perpetrators of violent crime.

The obvious exchange by most critical thinking American’s was perhaps old hound-dog Bill’s finest moment, when he confronted the protesters and uncharacteristically spoke the truth.

In that exchange, Clinton sought to explain his wife’s use of the term “super predator.” He talked about gang leaders who were getting teenagers “hopped up on crack” and sending them out to kill other African-Americans.

However speaking “the truth” is all relative especially within the black community and ol Bernie knows he needs to play the “race card” and Bill Clinton gave him that opening, in that Bernie needs to win over as many African-Americans as possible before the New York April 19th primary.

Sanders sharing a stage with African-American supporters including entertainer Harry Belafonte and Erica Garner, daughter of Eric Garner, who died two years ago in a struggle with police who put him in a choke hold.

Source: WSJ


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