What’s in a name? Apparently if you’re the city of San Diego an awful lot!

Of course in “lala land” selective outrage is indeed a full-time endeavor, and this week making the “progressive hit list” are two extremely and offensive words “Founding Fathers” yes I said the “F” word…”TWICE”!

Moreover, in “lala land” where taxes are crippling the middle class, the city council has just decided that “Founding Fathers” is offensive and to make sure there’s no confusion the city has just released an 81-page manual for their city employees with explicit rules on what will be and will not be tolerated.

The manual explains what the purpose of the guidelines is on page 74.which states:

“The City of San Diego is committed to the elimination of discrimination and bias in all forms. The City recognizes the need to use written and spoken language and behaviors that convey respect and inclusion of all people.

We are aware of the need to use language that recognizes our diversity and does not offend, demean or exclude people on the basis of gender, race, ethnic group, religion, age, ability/disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, familial or marital status, class, or political affiliations.

Our goal is to encourage bias-free language – language that does not create or perpetuate real or perceived prejudice – in our written and spoken communication.”

Perhaps it would be a good idea if the city of San Diego and those political hacks reintroduce themselves to the “First Amendment” and to the CONSTITUTION.

In their section on gender-neutral language was the following guide:

While we're at it here is a VERY hilarious look at another word that liberals are trying to ban. (no, this is not a Saturday Night Live skit):

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