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We’ve probably all heard through the various news outlets that the body of this vile terrorist Tashfeen Malik lies unclaimed in a San Bernardino morgue, and perhaps a few of our readers may have a few suggestions of how to dispose of her remains.

I for one would simply stuff her in a 30-gallon “strong and tear resistant” trash bag and dump her as waste fill.

Ironically for all of the talk by radical extremists no one as the courage to come forward to claim her bullet-riddled body or for that matter the American born traitor Syed Rizwan Farook, who also lies unclaimed.

Local religious leaders are trying to find anyone who is willing to perform a burial that follows Islamic law.

“No one wants to claim her and no one wants to do the funeral,” a well-placed source within the Muslim community told “They are all waiting for someone else to be the one to take care of this part of it.”

This of course speaks volumes of the Muslim community in general, and in their overall silence of radical Islamic extremism.

Daniel Akbari, a certified Sharia lawyer and Islamic expert says:
“Since it is obligatory to bury a Muslim’s dead body, many Islamic institutions will probably be willing to do the burial. Some might be cautious and wait to see if others do the job. But what is certain is that Farook and his wife will be buried in an Islamic way.”

Malik and her husband wait in cold storage at the San Bernardino County morgue and if not claimed, they will certainly get an un-Islamic burial.

They’ll probably be cremated and dumped. Cremation is a fate forbidden by Islamic law for even the most reviled radical killers, perhaps if no one clams them their remains can be put to good use…perhaps as fertilizer?  

Dust to dust, ashes to ashes.

Source: NY Post

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