Walmart’s other half, Sam’s Club, has landed themselves in the public spotlight and in doing so have rendered themselves vulnerable to a minor boycott at the behest of the public crying foul.

Sam’s Club, President and CEO, Rosalind Brewster, sat down with CNN to discuss her unique position as a minority, female, CEO, of a large company.  She was asked by the host what and how it was that she planned to change the dynamic and diversity within the context of corporate America.

Mr. Brewster said that first, such changes and insurances along diversity come from the top down, and she leads by example and requires such like-mindedness of her team, and partners. She also demands it when hiring for the top slots and apparently when it comes to awarding supplier contracts.

Okay, fine. One (wo)man’s diversity is another’s discrimination. But, no matter, because it was she said about reining supreme in a supplier meeting that has raised the ire of the Sam’s Club customer base;

“Just today we met with a supplier and the entire other side of the table was all Caucasian males. That was interesting.”

When asked by the CNN host what she said about that, Ms. Brewster went on;

“Well, um, I decided not to talk about it directly with his folks in the room because there were actually no female, like, levels down. So I'm gonna have to place a call to him."



Who knew that Sam’s Club and Walmart were actually controlling hiring practices across the nation vis-à-vis their suppliers?  If she is hiring and firing, awarding contracts and dissolving them simply based on skin color and gender then she is being discriminatory and people everywhere should be upset.

And since we are traveling along the path of absurdity, with Ms. Brewster, maybe she needs to be reminded that in today’s world she could also be accused of transphobia, because according to D.C. and the liberal powers that be (mainstream media), if the person she canned was a white male who identified as a black female, maybe with a disabling limp, she might find herself in some hot water.

The parent company’s response to all the furor was to be expected—they totally support her.

Of course they do. If they disagreed with her, there would likely be hell to pay.

Source: Mad World News



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