Michelle Obama has waaaaaaay overstepped her authority on this one.  First off, who gave her such authority and why does she have it?  Yeah, yeah, we've all heard about her healthy eating encouragement to schools (and the education system's rabid compliance with her every breath on the subject), her pop-up appearances in this regard on commercials and cooking programs, but that just seems to come with the celebrity status of being the FLOTUS.  How she ever came to have menu oversight of school lunch programs is a question and discussion unto itself.

Now, however, she is targeting the military and somehow getting away with it!  Can the women not go busy herself with knitting, or kittens, or cooking a healthy meal for herself and her family, or taking on literacy, or feeding the poor or something?  Apparently not.

Our men and women of the US Armed Forces will no longer be allowed to eat fried anything.  They are going to have the wiggly unidentifiable gross looking stuff that our school children are railing against, taking pictures of and posting to social media as evidence of their stalag situations.

They will probably get a bunch of that arugula that the Obama's love.  Maybe some tofu patties, boiled burger, un-buttered corn, arugula, salads sans dressing, rice cakes, arugula (did I mention arugula?), and all things tasty and delicious.  Can you say, "Please, may I some more?"  Gag-o-matic!

Those foods, while satisfying to some (can't think of anybody right off the top), do not provide the caloric intake necessary to keep the soldiers going.  These are men and women whose out-go far surpasses their intake, in terms of calorie-energy, with or without a helping of french-fried, pan-fried, grilled anything.  What they eat, has very little to do with their performance.  As pointed out in the article linked here, it is that whole physical movement, known as PT, workouts, exercise, battle, and so forth that dictate foods fed to troops.

Michelle's husband has very much made it clear by his actions how much he disdains our military. Congress follows lock-step with more and more and more funding cuts and reduction in troops.  It would seem that is not enough, and the reins are being turned over to wifey to starve them out.

h/t: Conservative Tribune



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