The Democratic National Convention in Philly was the site of many sad moves by liberals in this country. There was the staged mass-exodus from the arena when Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders wasn't given the nomination. Then those people who left the arena immediately got in line to get back in and see former President Bill Clinton introduce his wife. Among others, though, one move in particular stands out as the tackiest and worst thing that Democrats could do to try and prove their commitment to this country's military.

On the last night of the convention, a retired Navy admiral was up on stage paying tribute to the U.S. military and talking about how much the military means to Clinton and her party. To add effect, large images of naval ships were projected on the large screens behind Adm. John Nathman as he honored American veterans.

Unfortunately, the ships on the screen were Russian.

The Democrats, in their national convention and on a hugely publicized stage, showed images of the Russian Black Sea Fleet instead of our own naval ships. Talk about sad.

And it's not just conservatives who are pointing out the Democrats' faux pas. Naval historians and experts recognized the radar antennas as Russian, and the flags flying at the front of the ships were a dead giveaway.

The large, white flags with a blue "x" across them are definitely Russian. According to naval author Norman Polman, "The X is the Cross of St. Andrew's, which is a Russian Navy symbol."

The airplanes in the images were, however, American. But they were likely Photoshopped into the image. The planes were U.S. naval training planes, which would have no reason to be flying over the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

Clinton's campaign has botched it again, but this time it has offended the Navy. Hopefully people realize that harmless gaffes like this actually can cause harm because it makes us look weak and incompetent. Clinton needs to apologize to our Navy for this blatant and idiotic piece of showmanship.

h/t: Military Times

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