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“Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth,” is apparently the latest page taken out of the good book by the facility over at Rutgers University in their attempt to further their own politically correct progressive agenda.

Students at several university residences are now being encouraged to speak nice, or as the official decree states use language that is “helpful” and “necessary” in avoiding being aggressive, and to only speak when necessary.

The campaign dubbed “language matters” is apparently attempting to further political correctness by instructing students in their choice of words being used to describe someone, for example a potentially offensive term such as “illegal alien” should apparently not be used.

Moreover “board-members” have warned students that failing to follow the prescribed decree comes with the risk of committing “micro aggression” which can include a long list of other politically incorrect infractions, which can also lead to students being “more at risk for illness & decreased immune system.”

Even going so far as to suggest that although this type of speech is “not the same thing as hate crimes or overt bigotry,” they still affect victims “physically, emotionally, [and] behaviorally.”

A display placed in the College Avenue apartments titled “Language Matters: Think,” by a resident assistant instructs students to ask themselves whether the language they choice is “true, helpful, inspiring” or “necessary” and also instructs students to be “kind” before speaking out.

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Following these statements Rutgers attempted to explain away their program: "Rutgers is a public university and all members of the university community have the right to free speech and free expression. We encourage open discourse in an atmosphere of civility and mutual respect.”

No doubt everyone should respect everyone’s point of view, however all to often we’ve witnessed liberal universities such as Rutgers attempt to shut down opposing points of view by denying speakers an opportunity to speak freely on campus, by creating a hostile environment…freedom of speech means exactly that, regardless of ideology.

Source: Campus Reform

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