The situation in Syria appears poised to take an even sharper turn for the worse, after Chinese military ships have been spotted in the eastern Mediterranean. Not only has Russia stepped up its involvement in the region, but it appears likely that China also has intentions of staking a claim in the Middle East.

According to WND, an unnamed U.S. military official was the only source that would confirm the presence of the Chinese vessel in the area--potentially a sign that the United States leadership in the Middle East doesn't know what to do with this development either.

Last week as Russia stepped up its involvement with naval bombardments of ISIS supporters, the United States was caught unawares and still hasn't seen fit to iron out the details of the fight against ISIS.

However, officials are quick to point out that the Chinese naval vessel isn't getting involved in any conflicts yet and appears to be in the area purely on an observational mission.

But that observation appears to involve a Chinese aircraft carrier which is reportedly docked at a Syrian port as well as a guided missile cruiser similar to the ships Russia used to launch its naval-based attacks.

Of course Chinese officials are quick to point out that the aircraft carrier's presence in the area is in response to a fleet move that was scheduled long before Russia began firing its missiles into Syria. But the coincidence of America's two greatest enemies both in proximity to Syria is hard to discount.

Perhaps the Chinese officials are telling the truth and their ships are merely en route to another location. But with China's rising demand for oil it won't be long until they may feel forced to participate in Middle Eastern conflicts because of a rising concern about the price of oil.

Let's hope, for now, that the Chinese are being honest with us.

h/t: WND

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