What is always fascinating is watching progressives attempting to ignore history, during WWII then President Franklyn D. Roosevelt, and Joseph Stalin, along with Sir Winston Churchill formed an alliance to combat the scourge of Nazism.

Stalin no doubt was a bad guy, however a strategic alliance was needed to stop the greater evil (at the time), and that’s what true leadership is all about.

Fast forward to the present and what we have is a reluctant, weak, incompetent and by some observers a willful enabler for ISIS in President Obama.

And the proof is in his inability to FIRST identify the enemy and SECOND his refusal to join forces with Russia in combating ISIS.

Russia has been battling ISIS ever since they formally declared war after ISIS downed a commercial jet and threatened the free world, and they make no bones about bombing them into oblivion. They don’t pull punches and they don’t take prisoners.

That’s why when Donald Trump said in a speech, he would “bomb the s*** of out ISIS!”

President Putin declared Trump to be the country’s greatest visionary leader.

Well, as it turns out, Trump’s advice was being taken to heart because Russia just unleashed an unprecedented carpet bombing campaign in Syria’s largest city and ISIS stronghold, Aleppo by what looks to be Russian SU-34 fighters.

This video shows exactly how devastating the attacks are on ISIS, and how their numbers are dwindling every day.

h/t: Youtube.com


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