If you haven't noticed, Russians and the Russian government don't exactly like the president of the United States, Barack Obama. There's a sort of icy hostility at the moment between Russia and the U.S., and a stunt pulled by an animal enclosure recently doesn't bode well to patch up the relationship.

The Primorsky Safari Park recently obtained a new addition to its animal menagerie and named it after President Obama. The insulting part is that the animal is a small, black goat.

Primorsky obtained the goat from a previous owner who had dubbed the goat "Obama," obviously after its black color. Now the story is getting fevered attention across Russia, and a picture has even surfaced of the Safari Park's owner toasting a glass of wine with the goat's previous owner.

While no one wants to have a goat named after them, in Russian culture calling someone a goat is a severe insult. To be termed a goat is to be termed stubborn, insensitive, and unwilling to change one's viewpoints. Though Obama may fit some of those categories, it's unnerving for foreign countries to be referring to him as a goat and shows a definite lack of respect for the U.S.

The director of the Safari Park hyped up the situation, making sure to plug that, during the goat's move from its previous owner to the park, " Guarantees were required that Obama would bring no pests, that Obama has no tapeworms etc."

This wouldn't be the first time that Russians have named something ridiculous after the president.

Apparently a chocolate ice cream flavor has been named "Obama," and there are multiple restaurants that have "bans" on the president eating there.

Of course everything in these situations is done in fun, but it points to a deep seated dislike and distrust of President Obama and America. And that's what moves these stunts out of the range of silly and into disturbing.

h/t: NBC News

Photos: Dmitry Mezentsev / Primorsky Safari Park

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