Rush Limbaugh was offered a slow, high pitch of the middle last week by State Department Spokesperson Marie Harf. Expressing the official view of the U.S. government, Harf contended that the root cause of the murderous rampage being conducted by ISIS across a broad swath of the Middle East was a lack of jobs.

“We cannot win this war by killing them. We can’t kill our way out of this war,” she said, clearly not channeling Winston Churchill.

Limbaugh was speechless, but of course only for a moment. He characterized Harf’s remarks as embarrassing and outrageous. “I feel like I’m still watching the Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary show!” he added.

Limbaugh noted that, at 33, Harf was of a younger generation, and concluded that her attitudes were reflective of the corrupting influence of the current liberal arts curriculum at our universities.

“This is exactly what I mean when I talk about young skulls full of mush being corrupted at the academy, at university, at colleges, institutions of higher learning. This woman is an absolute throwback to 1960s feel-good liberalism. That is senseless, it’s chickified, it denies, reality…and this is the number two spokeswoman at the State Department.”

As to the substance of Harf’s comments, Limbaugh was dismissive of the idea that a lack of jobs was the cause of ISIS’s genocidal reign of terror, and pointed out that Harf’s boss, President Obama, in any event had shown no ability to create jobs even here at home:

"Marie, you can’t even do that in this country. We have 92-and-a-half million Americans not even working in this country and you are clueless about how to change that.”

It also seems fair to ask why, if a lack of jobs causes violence, there has been no increase, and in fact there has been a decrease, in America’s crime rate over the past six years, even as we experience the highest percentage of labor force non-participation in our history. Why aren’t America’s unemployed rounding up people of whatever group, whether Wall Street titans or whomever they might blame, and burning them alive? Is it not possible that culture plays a role?

Meanwhile, Limbaugh, rhetorically addressing Harf, reminded her of how wars were won:

“Do you know what the purpose of armies is? It’s to kill people and break things. Wars are not won with doctors and nurses and clean water and good vibes and jobs and all of the typical, nonsensical, worthless, touchy-feely, gooey, syrupy, sticky liberalism.” Let’s hope Harf tunes in.


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