Freddie Gray has been making a big splash in the news lately, but no pundit has proven that they have a better read on the situation than Rush Limbaugh in some recent comments.

Limbaugh, a well-known voice in American conservatism, poked a gaping hole in the argument that police had it out for Gray and were looking for an excuse to attack him. His reasoning? The police, he says, had dozens of chances to kill Gray while he was under arrest.

Gray's rap sheet has just recently come to light and it shows that he had been arrested in relation to drugs multiple times. If the police had it out for Gray, why would they have waited until Gray's police history had lots of marks to make their move.

Limbaugh's comments go far afield from what other media outlets and personalities have said in regards to Gray's death. Most are ready to attribute Gray's death to police brutality, despite recent revelations from the Washington Post that Gray may have been actively trying to injure himself while on the way to the police station.

The Post's comments, though hard to substantiate, come from a fellow suspect who was in the van with Gray. He described the actions of Gray as intentionally trying to injure himself.

When you add the comments from the Post's source with the fact that Gray was arrested dozens of times without being injured or attacked by police it puts Gray's death in a new light. And while it is becoming impossible to deny the fact that police brutality has received more light recently, this case is definitely not the cut and dry, murder by police case that a lot of people want to have people believe.

If the left media attacks Limbaugh for making his comments, it's only because he's saying the things that others aren't brave enough to say. Keep talking, Rush.

You can listen to the audio of Limbaugh here:

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