Any true conservative has been able to see this day coming. 

As Fox News dances further and further to the left, conservatives have been growing more dismayed and are leaving the dance party.

Our dance card is full. We have had enough. At one time, Fox News was the go to media source for us conservatives.

We were able to learn the news, without a political bent, no matter what anyone tries to say.

If we wanted to hear conservative non-news, the channel offered a plethora of opinion programs, pundits, and round table discussions.

In addition to everyday conservatives walking away from Fox News, and their ever increasing numbers of RINOs and liberal elites in training, some pretty big names are as well. Michelle Malkin is among them, having been listening to her fans.

“I can tell you, my base is fed up with Fox.” Unfortunately, as Malkin points out, “…there’s still nowhere else on TV to go.”

In addition, it is reported by a friend of endeared Professor at the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies, that Rush does not watch cable television anymore.

We are tired of listening to RINOs, trying to pick the next “moderate”, aka “liberal” Republican leader. Perhaps Roger Ailes and the Murdoch brothers should stop all the talk and listen to their audience base.

Until they do, they are as Malkin says of Murdoch, a “treacherous bedfellow.” Who needs that?

Source: Conservative Tribune



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