The divide between the political parties is worse now than it has ever been in the past. Both sides have dug in around the issues that mean the most to them with Republicans fighting for their right to bear arms and practice their religion and Democrats coming after them with blind rage.

Due to this difficult political situation the country is facing right now, Rush Limbaugh has proposed a very frightening scenario our country is sure to face in the near future.

His prediction for what is to come if presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump wins the presidency is something that would concern any sane human being in our country, but in reality is not that far off.

"I want you to think, using your intelligence guided by experience, what’s gonna happen that night? What’s gonna happen the next day? What’s going to happen every day thereafter? What’s gonna happen the day Trump gets inaugurated? What is the left gonna do?" Asked Limbaugh.

Limbaugh brings up a very real concern. What's even more concerning is how much his answers to the questions rins true.

Limbaugh claims that the liberals are "not gonna just sit idly by and accept this … They’re gonna do everything they can to undermine it. And I think we’re gonna see levels of violence that we have not seen."

The Daily Crawler reported that Limbaugh went on to say, "I think people are gonna be shocked at the degree to which the left intends to intimidate people into reversing that result. I think they’re gonna do everything they can to see it that Trump never does get inaugurated."

"Whatever, it’s gonna be unlike anything," Limbaugh continued.

When we think of the most recent destruction and violence our country has seen in recent years, it is easy to make the connection that the left will resort to violence. They have in the past. Limbaugh made sure to point out the chaos that was seen in Ferguson and Baltimore and added, "You add to this the Democrats losing the presidency in November, and my sense is that there isn’t gonna be any peace. There’s gonna be anger. There is going to be rage. There are gonna be lawsuits."

When you also consider that the majority of the mass shooters seen in the past few years were Democrats, the image really starts to take shape.

Then we have to also consider the violence brought about by the BlackLivesMatter group.

Not only is violence likely to ensue ,but the left will come at Trump and his supporters with everything they have. "Everything about the victory is gonna be attacked. The Democrats will throw lawyers and who knows whatever else at that outcome, demanding recounts here, recounts there, whatever, no matter how close it is."

You can bet  Limbaugh is pretty close to the money in his predictions. All it takes is for anyone to take a look at the past and see what type of blind rage and chaos the left is capable of and willing to carry out when they do not get their way.

Limbaugh made sure to end his prediction by warning of the final evil that will likely arise in the chaos, the media. He thinks that the mainstream media will tell the citizens of the United States to "understand the rage" and let it happen.

This is all very possible and we as Americans should do all that we can for the near-armageddon conditions the left is likely to try to bring.

Do not give in to their violent demands and do not let the media fool you. This is America and we will not be bullied by the left. It's time we take a stand and hold on to what is ours.

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Source: Conservative Tribune


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