When a president leaves office, there's an obvious question in everyone's minds: what will he do next? For President Obama, however, that question has some potentially troubling answers.

Rumors have been circulating about President Obama's post-presidency plans and they have recently included the idea that the former law school professor may try to gain a spot on the Supreme Court.

Obama has even been quoted as saying that former politicians make the best Supreme Court justices, a point that many would choose to argue, especially given Obama's track record.

In terms of paper qualifications, the soon-to-be-former president doesn't look out of the ordinary to be considered for a spot on the nation's highest court. Obama studied at Columbia and then went on to gain a law degree from Harvard Law School. He taught Constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School for 12 years before entering the political fray.

And Obama wouldn't be the first president to serve on the Supreme Court after finishing his terms. William Howard Taft ascended to be the Chief Justice of the court.

But Obama's presidency has shown that the former professor and community organizer lacks something vital in a post such as the Supreme Court. He lacks the ability to stand strong by his opinions and decisions.

Even in terms of foreign policy the president has waffled and swayed on issues like bombing Syria or removing troops from Afghanistan and Iraq. He is notorious for giving ultimatums that have nothing at their core.

To have a Supreme Court justice with such a bland and wishy-washy background would be inviting even more dissension into the court. With many high-profile cases being brought before the court it's important to have justices with strong opinions and experience, no matter what side of the political spectrum they fall on.

Obama, however, has shown that he is willing to cave to outside pressures, something that would make him a disaster as a Supreme Court justice.

h/t: Conservative Post

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