Hillary Clinton is still struggling to maintain her public persona of a smiling, sharp-witted politician who can lead the country but a new book out that details the experiences of Secret Service agents who protect the Presidents shows a different side than Hillary shows the public.

According to many interviews, Hillary is simply rude, angry, and nasty to be around--a side of her personality that she takes extra pains to hide from the public when she's on the campaign trail. Hillary is quick to spout the f-word when she's upset, and has no qualms about firing people she feels have snubbed her.

For example, one Secret Service member said that being assigned to Hillary's detail was akin to punishment. She would regularly yell at her drivers if they hit a bump in the road and she never said thank you to the brave men and women protecting her life.

Perhaps most disturbing is the news that Hillary had a "no talking to me" policy when she was walking from appointment to appointment. One Secret Service agent who politely gave Clinton a "Good morning, ma'am," was cussed out. Other Secret Service agents reported that they would step into hallways, offices, or even hide behind drapes to get out of Hillary's way if she was walking down the hallway toward them.

When Hillary found someone replacing a light bulb in her rooms in the White House she yelled at him leaving him "a basket case." According to the White House staffer telling the story, Hillary demanded that all repairs be completed while she and Bill were away from the White House so that she wouldn't be bothered.

The tales of Hillary's vicious temper and absolutely rude behavior toward those who were protecting her are enlightening. If Hillary has such little respect for the people who were serving close to her, how can we have any assurance that she has any respect for the everyday citizen of the U.S. who she isn't close to?

h/t: New York Post

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