The presidential campaign circus is well underway and things are starting to heat up for the candidates. On the Democratic side Hillary has been dealt her first defeat in New Hampshire and on the Republican side candidates are realizing that they have no chance and are dropping out.

But [score]Marco Rubio[/score], the junior senator from Florida who has performed only moderately well in debates and primary polling, has said that he isn't dropping out. In fact, Rubio recently told NBC News that he is "100 percent convinced" that he will be the GOP nominee.

But that confidence may be misplaced and misguided.

Donald Trump has led in the Republican polls for months and months. Trump's rallies, though often lambasted by the liberal media as shouting matches and anti-Muslim rallies, have drawn people together like nothing America has seen before.

Rubio, on the other hand, appears to be playing the long game. He seems to be relying on the establishment politics of the Republican party to step in at the last minute and elect him the nominee.

The strategy, though distasteful to many conservatives who are tired of the Washington bureaucracy and the political machine, may just work for Rubio. The only question is whether the establishment has the power to derail so much angst and emotion that Trump has been channeling.

Rubio says that he is relying on his 5 years of Senate experience and that he is counting on that experience helping him to rise in the polls. In his defense, Rubio is also the strongest attacker of Obama and the Obama administration's policies and that could help him rise in the polls as well.

"Barack Obama is trying to change America and he is doing damage with those changes," Rubio told the NBC anchors during his interview.

The only question remains as to whether Rubio will be able to channel both the angst of everyday Americans and the establishment policies of the GOP. It's a tough line to walk and he may not be able to.

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