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Perhaps the response to Rosie Perez’s question should be “back at you” in that no doubt Perez by her own acknowledgment is “very confused” and that’s perhaps the fundamental difference between Trump and Clinton supporters.

In that there’s no ambiguity, no confusion, and no doubts to those who support Donald Trump.

Perez appearing on “Cafecito,” during the 87th National Convention for the League of United Latin American Citizens asked;

“I really, honestly, want to understand how you can support someone who said such racist comments, who said such hateful comments.”

The 51-year old actress went on to say she that she doesn’t hate Trump supporters and then admitted that she was very confused, and perhaps there lies her dilemma, in that in the politically correct progressive world that Rosie lives in, there is no accountability, no responsibility, when Trump speaks of enforcing existing immigration laws and keeping illegal aliens out of the country, Rosie considers those remarks “racist and hateful comments.”

And when she doubles down with yet another ridicules question:

“How can we have that person represent us as American citizens?

She unknowingly reveals her agenda; in that it’s not about “American citizens” it’s about a nation’s sovereignty, about a nation’s national security, about respecting the laws that govern a civil society.

However Perez isn’t interested in what motivates Trump supporters, she’s only interested in distracting from the core issues of corruption, incompetence and criminality within the Obama/Clinton gang.

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